cover for Steven Universe #5 !!

why yes, i did imply that cookie cat was rebranded as a delicious wafer snack. that’s probably not canon but i can dream


buy me this


buy me this


The World」is mine!



there are people who havent seen the comic that inspired sweet bro and hella jeff and thats sad



been seeing a lot of posts lately along the lines of ‘don’t treat trans n queer identities like trends!’ implying that people who choose to be trans or queer is a bad thing lmao please stop

people who choose to be trans or queer are just as valid as people who do not have a choice, please remember that

seeing people exploring their gender and sexuality is a good thing! please don’t be a turd


I like this DLC !!!


Ahhh…scheduled sex….awriiiiiight!


With their fur dyed bright colours and cut into shapes to look like different animals and insects, this is the latest trend for pets in Russia. A salon is offering the unusual styling to four-legged friends - and even claims the animals enjoy having it done. In this intriguing footage, Daria Gotz, the owner of a salon in Yekaterinburg, shows off a cat that’s been styled to to look like a dragon - and a dog that resembles a bumblebee.